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Any therapy, healing or spiritual path that does not identify the deepest level of wounding, and allow for full integration ultimately does not permit access to full and true empowerment.

Any approach that is not ready, willing and able to “go there” and by there I mean one’s deep subconscious…is unfortunately no better than a band aid.  Any unhealed wound(s) will continue to exist well beneath one’s conscious awareness, and when temporary relief in the form of good feelings wears off, one may wonder why the previous awful feeling comes creeping back in.  They may also find themselves repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over….despite their determination not to.  It can feel like an unending cycle of frustration.

I believe that our purpose at this consciousness is to step into our own self mastery which absolutely includes healing our stuff.  To me, true and complete healing is about taking all the broken, fragmented and painful parts, acknowledging and allowing the pain and trauma connected to these these experiences to be reconsidered through a perspective of understanding, assisting to release this energy and allowing becoming whole again.  To go through this process may involve experiencing a small level of physical, mental or emotional pain upon recall….then the healing and release….and afterwards the calm of resolve.  It has been said that the healing has occurred when it doesn’t hurt to talk about it any more.  This can also be experienced as a complete sense of neutrality upon recall.  The pain in whatever form it may have previously been presenting, just isn’t there.  Its the most powerful and subtle thing simultaneously that one can think of imagining. Depending on the individual, this can be accomplished in one session or in a number of sessions. And this is as unique as we each are but we know that we cannot get this wrong.

The only way out is truly through! Indeed it can feel dark on beginning the journey but the light at the end of that tunnel is so worth it!


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