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I’m sharing with you today a comment from a ThetaHealing® student:

“What I love about ThetaHealing is that the value is endless. I have sat in endless talk therapy sessions which left me feeling more confused than ever. My difficulties were still present and even got worse. I never understood why.  Now I know how to clear myself at the source of the problem. I can really say that what used to trigger me now helps me to find and clear the issues and move on easily.”

It is interesting to note that trauma based cellular memories actually create at the cellular level, negative receptors that may continue to attract similarly troubling experiences to the person holding them.  Unless these cellular memories are specifically treated, the difficulty may continue.

ThetaHealing increases its value the more it is used.  When we clear for ourselves, we are also effecting changes in those who share our physical DNA.  We are also changing our relationships with others for the better as we change our limiting beliefs. As I began to experience this for myself, the people, situations and circumstances that were no longer for my highest best quickly changed for the better or dissolved entirely.

Truly, what is that kind of power worth? Priceless…


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