ThetaHealing® for Animals: Communicating through Unconditional Love…

The core essence of ThetaHealing is Unconditional Love, and there is nothing on the planet quite like the pure exchange of unconditional love we can experience with our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.  

For many, the greatest love story of a lifetime can be found here.  Our pets are so much more than “just animals”, they are family and in many cases….better than that!

Like humans, animals of all kinds are complex and sentient beings.  They think, feel and communicate.  They have an imagination and great problem solving abilities.  They also experience all of the same emotions that we do. 

Animals have a distinct advantage over Humans in that they are expert communicators, not only understanding commands in every human language, but they also understand the language of energy which underlies all things.

As Human understanding and consciousness has been increasing, so too has the consciousness of all living beings.  The beauty of the ThetaHealing Technique is that by accessing the deep theta brainwave, the ThetaHealing practitioner is able to access the consciousness of all living things.  And this is the key in the lock to the door to effortless communication with our animal companions.

As an Advanced ThetaHealing Animal Practitioner, I am trained to clear limiting beliefs, feelings and even trauma held in the cellular memory up to and farther than 7 generations.  Animal consciousness is structured similarly to ours, and I have successfully assisted to clear cellular traumas and limiting beliefs from animal clients who were having difficulty in their experience of life.

These difficulties commonly manifest as behavioral and health related issues. 

As with humans, I have been deeply privileged to witness profound results where nothing else had “worked”.  In many cases, the animals issues are directly connected to their relationships with their human companions.

Many pets seem to have a predisposition for taking on their human’s issues and unless the human clears the issues, the pet will struggle as they do not have the ability to clear themselves.  With ThetaHealing, this no longer has to be the case.  Relief and resolve is truly just moments away.  

Animals respond very quickly and wonderfully to ThetaHealing.  I have worked with a number of animals in person and at a distance with great success in both positive behavior modification and healing of illnesses.

ThetaHealing for Animals is also a wonderful maintenance healing to keep your pet in optimal health in every way as they absorb negative energy, feelings and emotions as they continually work to provide healing for their Human companions.  

Science is now recognizing that all illness is sourced in toxic levels of emotions and energy at the atomic level before manifesting into physical form.  This is true for people and for our animals too.  ThetaHealing can be a wonderful part of your pet’s healthy and loving life experience!


On Transition Of Consciousness

Another beautiful way that ThetaHealing can help animals is through the transition of consciousness or passing away of the physical body.

ThetaHealing can bring a profound peace and understanding through this process and beyond.  I have assisted firsthand in the physical transition of many beloved companions and the information that can be shared is a tremendous healing in itself to both parties.

Animal Consciousness is generally more accepting and in alignment with the of the cycle of Life and as their life in one body may be coming to a close, many already know what their next assignment is and eagerly look forward to it.  They know that their true essence, which is energy, never dies but transforms.  We also have much success in connecting with our Animal companions well after they have continued onto other Planes of Consciousness.

I am always thrilled and delighted to work with our beautiful animal companions and their people.   Sessions can be done remotely or in person, location permitting.

ThetaHealing for Animals Sessions are offered at 60 min/$100 or 90 min/$125 and are payable by PayPal or by credit card by phone. 

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