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I have been studying the effects of Solar and Space Weather Phenomena for years, with recent acknowledgement and addition of Astrologically based planetary alignments and transits.  We as Human Beings are not immune to any of it, and my research correlates these events in Space and on the Earth time and again.  It is my opinion this is truly what the evolution of our consciousness actually looks like firsthand.  This is my first transmission of this work on this forum.  Expect more.  So exciting!!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my deeply heart centered work with you! Here to be of service to the community with individual sessions and classes ( If you have been feeling like something has been really “off” in your system the last few days, the post below may assist your understanding greatly. With gratitude, Yolanda

Today’s updated, KP Index Chart, which measures the condition of our earth’s geomagnetic shield which protects our planet from externally based deep space sourced energies: CME’s, solar flares, gamma rays, etc. As always, thanks to SolarHam for providing these charts though NOAA.

For those new to this work, once again the Earth’s geomagnetics are in a strong storm mode, and along with other cosmos based weather and astrologically based planetary placements are creating a significant energy event that some of you may be feeling right down to your cells. Certainly recent events in our World seem to overwhelmingly confirm this circumstance.

Even though this phenomenon is occurring outside of our immediate atmosphere or on the ground perception, there are some who are able to detect these events in their own physical systems. The effects can show up as increased irritability and emotionality, sleep disturbances (feeling wired and tired), headaches, body aches and pain as well as GI system disturbances. If you are experiencing a new onset of any of these symptoms, my first advice is to go and get yourself checked out by a medical professional. If you are all clear and are still experiencing symptoms, you may wish to continue reading…

It is my opinion based on years of experiencing this phenomena personally, as well as an increased sense of internally based knowingness…that these cosmic events are geared to assist us in what we would consider the evolution of our consciousness. This energy affects us to our cellular level where at this moment, old and limiting beliefs, feelings and even cellular memory (ancestral or genetic) traumas are literally being shaken to the surface for us to recognize and release. The physical and emotional symptoms are merely that which occurs to gain our attention to this process that we are experiencing on our cellular level, deep in our subconscious awareness.

It is also my direct experience, as well as the experience of many of my clients that once the cellular memory or trauma is identified and released, that the physical and emotional symptoms disappear immediately and positive energetic shifts continue in the days following this kind of deep clearing. However I must mention that not all “work” is created equal, and unless the work directly addresses the information in your subconscious and effects the changes there in a physically measurable way, then relief is more likely to be that of a temporary kind.

Check the charts and see how your life experience of the last few days compares. If you find yourself also seeing or experiencing red in strange conjunction to the charts, and would like some more focused support….you may benefit greatly from a session with me.

As an experienced ThetaHealing® practitioner and instructor, I am well trained in the powerful tool that allows these changes, release, healing and integration in your cellular memory to be effected with ease.

If you would like further information or to schedule a session with me, please contact me at

If you would like to learn how to do this work for yourself, please visit our Class Schedule and Registration Page for our latest schedule of classes.  If you are new to the ThetaHealing® body of work:  The first powerful class is Basic DNA1 . There is no prerequisite required to attend this class. The students will learn how to identify and clear cellular memories for themselves and for others if they choose. Its a powerful and amazing class that will absolutely change your life in just 3 days.  Advanced DNA2 brings a much deeper understanding of the clearing process as well as a profoundly expanded Feeling based awareness which will empower the practitioner in performing this work with ease.


With gratitude for you as always,


Please note, my work with the Earth’s Geomaqnetics and Astrologically based planetary alignments as a mechanism for release of outdated cellular memory are not included as part of the ThetaHealing® body of work.


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