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I’m thrilled to have spent this past weekend with some beautiful Advanced ThetaHealing practitioners, teaching a powerful Manifesting and Abundance Class in South Florida!

It is no accident that Manifesting and Abundance is the class that receives not only the FIRST interest but also the MOST interest of every series of classes I post here and on social media. And here’s why.

In ThetaHealing, the purpose of the Manifesting and Abundance class is to teach how to uplevel the ability to manifest by clearing the limiting beliefs that may be preventing the manifestation from coming into physical reality. Since these limiting beliefs are most often held on a subconscious level, the limitations are not obvious. But we can find them, clear them and obtain physical results of the changes before and after the clearing process. After the work integrates, the desired outcome has a clear energy pathway to create to. Limiting beliefs block the energy pathway. This is just simple physics in action!

For example, if you know you need more money and work hard, yet still can’t seem to have enough, you may carry a belief that its wrong to have money. Or that you only want enough to pay your bills. And that’s exactly what you will have! Along with a lot of grief and frustration….

The Manifesting and Abundance class gives a laser focused ability to not only create the manifestation but also to clear that which may be preventing it. Current Law of Attraction study does not provide this ability or the results that can come from Theta wave manifesting, which is 80-90% effective. There is no other method that I believe that we currently know of that can deliver these results so easily and consistently. But I have experienced exactly this firsthand. Its why I teach it!

If you are ready to learn how to do this for yourself, the Manifesting and Abundance class is offered to those who have completed the Basic/DNA1 and Advanced/DNA2 classes. For our most updated schedule of classes, please check our Class Registration page on this website.  If you would like to see classes in your area, we invite you to contact us and learn how easy it is to manifest that too!

For now, I am so excited to watch what our new powerful Manifesting and Abundance practitioners will create with ease! I’m so proud of each of them and all of the amazing and talented practitioners that we have taught through Origin Theta.  We are always honored to be a part of their journey!

With love and gratitude always,


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