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Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychology and The ThetaHealing® Technique….

The ThetaHealing® Technique is a meditation technique that utilizes our naturally occurring theta brainwave to connect with highest consciousness (unrelated and not pertaining to any specific religion) and in doing so, experience the benefits of a deeply relaxed brainwave state.  This technique is scientifically supported to achieve the theta brainwave in just moments and can be performed by anyone who is taught this technique by a certified instructor.

Traditional therapy such as psychology and behavioral science is now recognizing the importance of mindfulness and meditation practices as a powerful and easy way to reduce stress, provide a sense of well being, as well as to help in the management of conditions such as anxiety and post traumatic stress.

Focused mindfulness and meditation can quickly change a sufferer’s experience when stressful triggers are encountered. It restores a persons sense of control in the environment and provides the ability to choose a response as opposed to experiencing a reactionary response based on a subconscious trigger.  This can be an empowering and healing experience.

However, traditional methods can be time consuming and difficult to achieve as participants may struggle with interfering thoughts and the inability to concentrate, potentially creating more stress than relief.

The ThetaHealing® Technique is a guided meditation that achieves a deep and powerful relaxation brainwave in a fraction of the time of current techniques. This information can be of service and benefit, not only to know how the Human brain works, but that it is possible to easily control our states of being and thus our experience.

Learning how to do the ThetaHealing meditation is just a portion of what we teach in our Practitioner Certification classes, and our students learn how to achieve many powerful and beneficial changes and results by learning additional specific exercises, which can be performed on behalf of themselves or to assist others while still experiencing all of the benefits of being in the theta brainwave state.

If you or someone you love experiences a condition such as anxiety, what would it be worth to know that it could be alleviated almost instantly? That we could teach to the cellular level what it feels like to live without chronic anxiety, and that any situation could be managed with grace and ease? Better yet, we can indeed reach the source of the anxiety and release the trauma for good.

This simple technique can change our life experience in a most powerfully, positive way.  Join us for a training seminar to discover this for yourself.

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