“I have practiced and experienced a lot of healing methods – Theta Healing stands out as the one that goes deepest, is most meaningful and has the best results. Theta healing accesses the root of the issue in a compassionate way and allows for a smooth transformation of energy. Unlike some other methods that only work on the past, Theta opens you to new energies and possibilities and grounds that in your being. That you can remove emotional programs that do not even originate with you makes healing so much more effective. And the Theta concept of downloading feelings and receptors to bring in concepts outside of your up-to-now lived experience is game-changing. Yolanda is a masterful teacher and practitioner. I have never before experienced energy healing on this level. Her sessions are joyful, nonjudgmental and always feel complete. She is able to tune into the issue with amazing accuracy and intuition and offer solutions and downloads that feel perfectly aligned. After every session I have, I experience synchronistic resolutions to problems in the outside world, emotional clearings within myself and even changes in how others interact with me. It’s truly magical and profound. If you want healing work done – do Theta with Yolanda. If you are a healer and want to learn up-levelled energy healing – take the DNA training with Yolanda. It will change your world.”


“In classes and during sessions, I never feel rushed and if any of my issues are triggering you, you remain calm and centered holding the space for me to give me the opportunity to quickly heal.  Your classes are relaxed and fun while still being profoundly deep and masterfully effective.  Thank you for introducing me to this work and for your continued support along our journey.”


“You are a great instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed the DNA1 Class. I cannot wait for DNA2!”


“Yolanda combines a compassionate heart, an intuitive focused disciplined mind with the noble humility of being human in teaching her students the creative power of ThetaHealing.  The gratitude I carry in my heart leaves me without words!”


“I called my daughter and we had a great conversation. Unbelievable actually!!!! – compared to how badly things had become for both of us. What an amazing change in her spirit toward me!  All I can say is WOW!!! I am so very grateful to you for your incredible gift that you so graciously share with us. Here’s to many more wonderful theta sessions with you!!”


“Every day I feel shifts happening in my life.  I feel lighter most of the time now.  My health is fantastic and each day I tap into source energy on a regular basis.  I feel so alive, so full of energy, so healthy and strong on most days that my mind is completely blown! You weren’t kidding when you said that major shifts would be happening!!


“I just want to thank you very much for all the support and healing.  My travel visa interview went with grace and so easy I couldn’t believe.  Thank you!”


“I just have to say that I am seeing and feeling major effects of all of this amazing work!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


For a client who could not sleep through the night, and was asked the next day how they did: “7 HOURS STRAIGHT!!! If ever we needed data to support the work and its validity THERE IT IS” (quoted as original and unedited comment)


“It was a huge aha moment for me! I’m so grateful that I can feel such profound joy.”


“Your work is truly incredible!”


“Since that day I have had the unconditional love energy flowing through me most of the time. “


“Just wanted you to know that I’m continuing to feel “lighter”. After my appointment with you, I ran into a neighbor and had a wonderful conversation. I received genuine compliments about how I manage certain things in my life.  I know in my heart that this wonderful validation was a result of the shift that you’re helping to facilitate…..so thank you!”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m eternally grateful I found you and you helped me to this point already. I’m just elated at the thought that this was the first of many more energy shifts in the future…”


“IT WORKS!!!!”


“I feel absolutely AMAZING!”


“WOW! This evening is the first time in months I feel like I have a functioning brain! I am not in a fog, fighting my way out of an endless paper bag. Happy! Thank you again!”


“I just wanted to let you know that I GOT THE JOB!!!! It’s with a whole new group of people and exciting new things to learn! I’m looking forward to the new challenges and embracing the changes! I credit ThetaHealing…in helping me let go of being hesitant to leave the current people I work with and worrying how they’d get along without me. What a profound change! Thank you so much for your help in showing me the way and changing my old thoughts/contracts/karmic ties, etc.”


“Nothing else I tried worked …and there is nothing else like THIS work. A miracle!”


“More of more of ME is coming back with every session!”


“My daughter is just so incredibly different since the session, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


“I always come out of the sessions feeling revived and rejuvenated!”


“I have had the best therapy with you than I have had with anyone else. Talking (talk therapy) …(has) seemingly nothing to do with healing. All of our work together….has given me back my life. I am so thrilled that life brought you to this work”


“She received a great healing from your workshop. It resonated with her”


“OMG we LOVED It!!! Can’t wait for more classes! My husband wants to do the whole series!!”


“I had the BEST nights sleep for the first time since I saw you! I woke up feeling so renewed and confident and so absolutely amazing!”


“You are truly amazing and gifted, and the session I had experienced with you literally changed my life overnight!”


“Thank you for the uplifting session! Totally loved it!”


On changing a limiting belief….. “I can’t be right” has literally disappeared from my vocabulary! You have no idea! Thank you!


“less stress…more clarity”


“Yesterday was the first day in a week and a half that I was not woken up by pain.”


” The sessions were amazing and I felt renewed and rejuvenated every time. “


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