ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Practitioner Seminar ONLINE, Evening December 9th-10th, 2021


ThetaHealing® You and the Creator

ThetaHealing® You and the Creator Practitioner Seminar ONLINE, Evening December 9th and 10th, 2021

4:00 pm Eastern Time to 10:00pm Eastern Time each day

Prerequisites: Basic DNA1, Advanced DNA2, Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 days

In this life time, we are supposed to achieve levels of love; love of our self, love of course of the Creator, love of a significant other, what it is like to really love your family, love your friends, and love the world.  We need to be able to master these, but how can we master these if our programs already carried by us say that it is impossible?


Our next relationship seminar is You and the Creator where we show and teach the students to understand the undercurrent of their own subconscious mind. How their body actually works at solving problems and how they actually know the difference between communicating with energy of the Creator and communicating with their ego or with their higher self.


Remember the Creator is an energy of perfect and pure love.  It is a knowing love.  And it will change your life.  This energy, this life force, is in every atom, and in every atoms, atoms are a part of you and part of everything around you.  We will learn the difference in discerning and you will learn how to work and re-guide your subconscious to work for you.


This is an important seminar because every time I teach a seminar someone always says how do I know if the answer is from the Creator?


This seminar will teach you how to direct your mind to understand.

Seminar Tuition is $500 per person and includes Registration and Certification.  You can purchase your book as a hardcopy or as an ebook on either the Amazon or the Hay House Websites.

Please register below to pay your tuition in full.  Or you can locate the Seminar Registration link for this seminar to register with a deposit of $100.  Tuition balance is due before the 1st day of class.  Further details will be provided to each student by email with online registration. Seminar times are listed in Eastern Standard Time/U.S.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

I'm looking forward to being with you soon, with gratitude and blessings returned...Yolanda


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