If you are ready to change your life in a new and powerful way, join us for an upcoming ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certification Seminar.

When we work with the information in our DNA, we are affecting positive changes up to and further than 7 generations both before and after us, as well as all who we are currently connected to through our physical DNA.

From our ThetaHealing® students

“I can truly say that as a newly trained practitioner, this training has jettisoned me further than any weekend or workshop or conference or anything I’ve experienced –and I’ve been on this path over 40 years. ”

“I have found this work to be exceptional at working through things that have been holding me back. As a practitioner I feel even more ready, willing and able to assist others on their journey on this planet.”

“Thank you and thank you to everyone in the class.  It was magical!”

“What a gentle, powerful weekend we had breaking down obstacles, thank you!”

“You made this so easy to learn, thank you…”

“I learn so much more, each time I take another class.  I feel so much more confident as a practitioner! Thank you!”

“Every day I feel shifts happening in my life.  More and more I feel positive, grateful, happy and loving this way of life!”

“I feel like for the first time in my life I am on my true path, getting closer to my calling.”

FOUNDATIONAL SEMINARS: all seminars below are prerequisites required to take any additional ThetaHealing® Practitioner Certification Seminars.

Available Online and In Person.  Can be scheduled by request for at least 2 students. For more information, please contact yolanda@origintheta.com

Online tution schedule is as follows:

BASIC DNA 1: 3 full days: $500 per person

ADVANCED DNA 2: 3 full days: $500 per person

DIG DEEPER: 2 full days: $500 per person

Your tuition includes all class materials (text book, online class manual, registration and certification) 

ELECTIVE SEMINARS: essential for growth and expansion in your understanding of ThetaHealing®, which will immediately translate into deeper healing and increased results in your practice.

GAME OF LIFE: 7 levels of deep genetic healing to clear the pathway for your success, 3 full days @ $550 per person

MANIFESTING AND ABUNDANCE: Skyrocket your manifesting ability by identifying and releasing what stops it 2 full days @ $500 per person

ANIMAL: Learn from the greatest teacher — the natural world and experience direct communication with and provide healing for animals. One or two 2 full days depending on class location and availability of live animals to work with. 1 day certification class is $275 per person, 2 day certification class is $450 per person.

PLANT: Experience the intricate wonders of the plant kingdom by communicating directly with plants, fairies and elementals, and learn how to identify and safely handle the naturally occurring energies of portals and vortices. 1 full day @ $275 per person

RHYTHM TO A PERFECT WEIGHT: Deep healing to release excess weight and experience lasting peace in mind, body and spirit 1 day @ $225 per person

SOUL MATES: There are 7 kinds of Soul Mates, learn who to invite into your life and who you may want to let pass, also understand the deep drivers of the DNA 2 full days @ $500 per person

Please note: Class tuition is subject to adjust based on location and hosting and/or travel expenses.

For individual class schedule, description, location and registration, please go to the Class Schedule and Registration tab. 

Each class will have 2 separate links so that you can register using the full class tuition or to register with a class deposit.  Both links will take you to Paypal.  

Or you can contact us directly and we will be delighted to register you over the phone.

For more information regarding classes, please contact us by email: yolanda@origintheta.com

All classes are certified by The ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge and Yolanda has been a certified practitioner and instructor in excellent standing since 2013.

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