Yolanda Perera
Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor

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My name is Yolanda Perera, and I am a Certified ThetaHealer®. I have completed the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA seminars in the ThetaHealing® technique, and I am also a Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor.

I have been practicing and teaching ThetaHealing continually since 2013, for clients and students across the United States and internationally.  

In addition to my experience in ThetaHealing®, I have had careers and extensive experience in other healing modalities and in the Financial industry. 

What brought ThetaHealing to me was that even though I was successful, I was also struggling with my health, and needed deeper assistance beyond what traditional care could provide at that time.  It became my mission to find better answers.

During my first ThetaHealing seminar as a student, I experienced a powerful healing which changed my life experience for the better not only for that day…but in the days and months that followed. 

As I continued to study and practice ThetaHealing, my life experience continued to gain positive momentum.  I soon realized my ability to do things that I never thought possible.  And these things were continuing to become easily within my reach due to the changes I was experiencing in myself, my relationships with others and ultimately with life itself. 

This was so powerful that I was guided to share with others what I had learned so that they could also experience the life changing shifts that I did.  

I am excited to share ThetaHealing with you through individual sessions, workshops and training seminars, and do travel.  My most updated schedule is always here on our Class Schedule and Registration page.

I’m always delighted to assist anyone with the deep calling for this work and the desire to learn how to do this well.  And for those who want to receive this work for their own personal healing, I am an experienced, compassionate and professional practitioner.

If you have any questions, please contact me at yolanda@origintheta.com 

With gratitude and blessings returned, Yolanda 


What is the difference between Reiki and ThetaHealing®? 

A question I get often get asked is “What is the difference between Reiki and ThetaHealing®?”

Reiki is an energy healing modality that channels Universal Healing Energy to an intended recipient most commonly through the hands of the practitioner to the places in the client’s body in need of healing, and usually accessed through the practitioners alpha brainwave. This can be done in person or at a distance. Recipients often feel lighter and more energized after a session and physical ailments may also improve.

ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique that provides access through a theta brainwave to the energy we perceive to be that of the Creative Force itself. This force can be activated by the practitioner to heal many issues in the mind, body and spirit of the client in the following ways and can also be done in person or at a distance:

• DNA level healing of ancestral and genetic traumas, with physical confirmation of results before and after the healing

• Resolve and release unfinished business with loved ones who have passed on (in most cases they welcome the opportunity to receive the ThetaHealing work for themselves, as well as welcome the healing of resolving unhealed emotional issues with those whom they love and who are still in this consciousness)

• Resolve and release old DNA sourced oaths, vows and contracts that no longer serve the living relative (vows of poverty or celibacy for example)

• Identify, resolve and release DNA sourced negative beliefs and feelings that do not serve the living relative and that create blocks to the life experience the descendent wishes to have

• Shortcut directly to the deepest cause of difficulties with an easy to learn and use technique

• See and speak with consciousness in all Planes of Existence: crystals, plants, animals, shamans, guides, angels, ascended masters from the theta brainwave consciousness which does not demand an exchange of energy from the practitioner

• Direct Healings. This aspect is most like Reiki however it is done from a different plane of consciousness, does not demand an energy exchange from the practitioner and will usually also involve the identification and resolve of DNA sourced negative belief and feelings programs that directly affect the physical, mental or emotional issue in question.

• Provides an extremely powerful, fast and easy way to reach a deep theta brainwave, as well as provide an easy way to practice mindfulness and meditation in just moments anywhere.

Recipients of ThetaHealing feel positive energy shifts and releases during the session, as well as report continued improvements in Mind, Body, Spirit and external life circumstances in the days and weeks following the session.

And this is just the beginning!

If you are ready to receive these benefits and so much more, I welcome you to join me for individual sessions or for practitioner seminars.

Further information can be found on our “sessions” and “class description” pages.  Class registration can be found on our “class registration page”.

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Yolanda Perera
Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
Certified ThetaHealing® Instructor

Email: yolanda@origintheta.com